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Welcome to our Home Page! 
We invite you to get to know Reaching the Heart Ministries.

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Mike and Ellen
Mike & Ellen Stotts

Our desire is that Biblical counseling be available, without cost to anyone who desires to come to freedom in Christ

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Our counseling philosophy is that of a shepherd…..we lead you and you have to decide if you want to follow us. We begin where you are and we accept you where you are at the moment. At the heart of our counseling is our desire to deal with your heart issues. We see and hear over and over again how people struggle with inner issues of bitterness, holding on to an unforgiving spirit, that over time one only knows how to function from pain. Because of unresolved pain individuals and couples suffer with an emotionally damaged heart.

We want to offer you hope and freedom from past un-resolved deep seated problems. Reaching The Heart Ministries is a “Restoration” ministry. If you let us reach your heart and bring you to Jesus. He will care for your pain and heal your heart.


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